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Head Of Design


With a team of just 5 people, our small but nimble startup built an incredible platform for tour and travel operators. Origin has powered adventures and experiences for over 45,000 people and processes millions of dollars in bookings annually. I was responsible for all things related to product design and marketing materials.

Icon System

I built and maintained an icon library of over 50 custom icons designed for various product features across the platform.
Product Onboarding

Step-by-step without the handholding

Before revamping our onboarding process, our users were dropped directly into the platform to fend for themselves. This meant a lot of errors, customer support, and phone calls. To fix this, our goal was to:

Customer sign-up

Make the process of creating an Origin account as easy as possible. The lack of hoops to jump through built confidence and empowered users to feel that they could have instant access to the platform without signing their life away.

Create your first Listing

Make it easier for travel companies to create Listings for all their different offerings. Without Listings, customers won't be able to book anything, and this is the most critical step of the entire onboarding process.

Onboarding checklist

Breaking up the product into digestible pieces with an estimated time to complete each task... plus requesting an account review before going live.
Product Navigation

Our product's most used feature

Redesigning the product sidebar we set out to solve four key problems.

Utilize iconography

Providing a strong visual language across the platform is super important. The sidebar acts as a directory for our platform.

Simplify titles

Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Renaming various features of the platform gave us the opportunity to be clear and concise in our naming.
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One user, multiple companies

We discovered that some of our users worked for multiple companies who used Origin. We enabled them to use one login for all their companies so they didn't miss anything.

Notify users of new features

As a growing startup we were always developing new features. Including a 'New' tag in the sidebar was a great way to remind our users of new features.
Package Multiple Trips

Trips of a lifetime

Allowing customers to seamlessly book multiple trips with one tour company unlocked a new booking experience. With our adventure package builder, you can book an entire season of adventures all at once and view everything in your account.
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